What An Appliance Service Can Do For You

What An Appliance Service Can Do For You

Tips for Improving Fire Safety That Many Business Owners Overlook

Roland Hunt

If you own a business or manage an office, you'll want to think about fire safety; this is often one of the last things a business owner considers, as fires are rare in offices, retail stores, and other such settings. However, they can and do happen, and perhaps more often than you realize, and even a small fire can be devastating in terms of property damage and physical injury to your staff. Note a few tips for improving fire safety that many business owners overlook so you can ensure you keep your property and your staff as safe as possible.

 1. Smokers

Unless you've somehow managed to hire all non-smokers, you might want to think about assigning a designated area for smokers on your property. If smokers don't have a place that they can easily access during work hours, they may tend to sneak a smoke in the restroom, their office, or the employee kitchen, and a carelessly discarded cigarette that is not properly extinguished might wind up in the waste bin. It could then easily ignite towels, the trash liner, and other such materials. Provide your employees with a separate area for smokers along with covered ashtrays for collecting cigarette butts safely, even if they're not properly extinguished.

2. Remove the curtains

If your office, retail store, or restaurant has curtains, these can be a very serious fire risk. They may dangle near a heating vent and the material could ignite when it gets too warm. They could also wind up too close to a space heater or heating element on a desk that is used to keep coffee mugs warm and also pose a fire risk. If there is a fire in the office, curtains could also then feed the flames and allow them to quickly spread to the ceiling. Swap them out for blinds, or roller shades in a decorative but fire-resistant fabric to reduce this risk.

3. Get smaller fire extinguishers

Your business may already have all the fire extinguishers you are required to keep on hand, but if these are large and too cumbersome for an average worker to manage easily, you may find that a person will hesitate to reach for them in case of a fire. In turn, a small fire quickly burns out of control. Look for canisters that are no bigger than a can of hairspray and which are lightweight and easy for anyone to use, and keep these in several places around the office so they're always accessible and within easy reach.

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