What An Appliance Service Can Do For You

What An Appliance Service Can Do For You

4 Tips for Effortless Coffee Machine Maintenance

Roland Hunt

Improper coffee machine maintenance can shorten the life of that machine in addition to having an adverse effect on the taste of the coffee that you make. Here are some of the simple measures that you can take to ensure that your coffee machine makes great tasting coffee for a long time.

Avoid Dish Detergent

You should never attempt to use dish detergent to clean any component of your coffee machine that will contact the coffee, such as the filters. This is because residues from that detergent will remain on those components. Such residues can break down the oils in your coffee. Once that happens, your coffee will lose its taste and flavour. This is because the oils in the coffee are responsible for its distinctive taste and flavour. Instead, use a recommended coffee machine detergent to clean your machine so that no residues remain to ruin the taste and flavour of the coffee that you brew.

Match Your Cleaning Routine to Usage Habits

Did you know that you might need to clean your coffee machine more frequently if you rarely use that machine? This may sound strange to you, but coffee machines that are rarely used need to be cleaned thoroughly more frequently than other coffee machines that are used frequently. This is because the occasional use of a coffee machine creates an opportunity for residues and contaminants to penetrate the surfaces of your coffee machine. Frequent cleaning, such as once a fortnight, removes those substances so that they don't get a chance to coat the interior surfaces of your machine.

Dry Wipe the Machine

It is advisable to dry wipe your coffee machine after using it. This removes any moisture from the different parts, such as the basket and spout, which may have eventually caused that machine to develop rust spots once airflow is limited within the machine. Rust spots can cause the machine to leak prematurely. Wiping the machine eliminates this potential cause of damage to your machine.

Soak the Filter

Develop a habit of soaking the filter periodically, such as once a week, in a cleaning solution. Ensure that the solution that you use is recommended for cleaning coffee machines. Soaking the filter in that solution will remove any minute coffee particles that had started clogging that filter. Consequently, the filter will work for longer before you have to replace it. Soaking the filter also reduces how vigorously you need to scrub that filter during routine machine cleaning.

Use the tips above in addition to the specific measures recommended for your coffee machine model. Always consult an expert in case you notice a change, such as increased noise levels, in your coffee machine.


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